Catalogue of elements

The furniture system is designed specifically for use in laboratories, and is made in line with modern standards and guidelines applicable to such equipment in EU. The system is focused on modularity, flexibility, and security. A combination of installed and carefully selected components of wood, steel and aluminium provides a high level of rigidity and aesthetics.


LAB INTERIOR laboratory furniture system is designed to fully meet your needs and to make your laboratory interior a flexible, safe and visually pleasant working environment. A team of experts with more than 20 years of experience is constantly working on a single mission, to improve, develop and to provide you complete solutions for your laboratory. All LAB INTERIOR equipment is a subject to constant improvements and testing according European quality standards.

LAB INTERIOR gives you a variety of options to configure your future laboratory. Our service team will gladly answer all of your questions and provide you with full support needed. More than that, you can rely on professional aftersales service, leaving you less to worry about. Our commitment to your needs is a partnership you can trust.

Therefore we would like to invite you to join us on a tour through LAB INTERIOR world and experience the future of laboratory.


Basic furniture elements

All basic furniture elements, such as underbench cabinets, hanging cabinets and high cabinets, are made of high quality wood chip panels, which are supplied in standard or waterproof versions. All hanging cabinets and underbench cabinets in standard version are equipped with a height-adjustable shelf, while high cabinets in standard version have five height-adjustable shelves.

Hanging cabinets and high cabinets are supplied with doors made of full wood chip panels or partially glazed doors.


Available furniture systems

Diversity of laboratories and specific needs of individual premises require adjustment of systems to working processes. Depending on your needs, we provide you with a range of the following laboratory furniture systems:

A System on plinth

  • Underbench units on plinth is standard and most frequently used system in laboratory. The most fixed of all systems is suitable for laboratories that face few and minor changes during their lifetime.
  • Underbench cabinets can be used to support worktops, without need to use C or H-type C frames, with exception of ceramic and epoxy tops, because of their weight.
  • Each underbench unit is fitted with leveling legs, closed with epoxy painted  aluminum pedestal.

B System on castors

  • Underbench units on castors are fully mobile. Therefore configuration can be changed easily, according to your present needs. Each mobile unit is fitted with melamine or phenol-laminate top, with integrated handle mounted underneath for easier handling.
  • High quality castors with double running surface, ABS side discs and max load of 80 kg per wheel are standard equipment of each mobile unit. Two front castors are fitted with brake. Running material can be plastic or rubber, adapted to specific type of laboratory flooring.

C Suspended system

  • Suspended system is applicable where there is no contact of underbench units with floor proffered. Each cabinet is mounted to a C-type or H-type frame. A sliding version is available upon request.
  • Under underbench units there is a 240 mm of free space that makes floor cleaning process a lot easier.

Indicative graphic presentation of a possible combination of the system of mobile elements on castors and plinth mounted elements.

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