Service spine systems

Service spine systems are representing the heart of your future laboratory. Therefore it is important that they are highly flexible and that a complete range covers present or future expectations when it comes to laboratory furniture. Modularity with constant upgrades is the key to mobility and flexibility that will help you adapt better to constantly changing trends.

Design of service modules guarantees isolation of installations on one side and a quick access to them on the other side. An independent service modules system offers you a variety of options when planning your laboratory furniture.

Service spine modular systems are divided it three main categories:

  • Wall bench service spine system.
  • Island bench service spine system.
  • Suspended service spine system.


A wide range of options is available for your laboratory. Feel free to combine them by yourself or turn to our LAB INTERIOR team, that will gladly assist you at your project.
Indicative graphic presentation of a possible combination of the system of mobile cabinets on castors and plinth mounted cabinets:

Wall bench service spine system is an independent system, that supplies your laboratory wall bench workspace with several different media through supply pipes. A closed or opened system can be supplied, all according to your demands. It is easy to combine both systems so you can decide for a combination like for example closed service spine in sink area, followed by opened system in area with no installations. Installations can be supplied from ceiling or floor. In case of installations from ceiling, there is an additional media supply pillar installed as a part of service spine system.

Island bench service spine system is a double sided variation of a wall bench service spine system. It covers all the possibilities covered by the wall bench service spine system. This system is used as a central supply system for your central island bencher. Installations supply lines can be lead from the ceiling or from the floor.

Suspended service spine system is applicable and reasonable in all areas where there is no contact of a media supply system with floor planned. This system is mounted to a concrete ceiling with ceiling special columns. Space inside suspended service spine is divided into several chambers that are a barrier that separates all non compatible installations. All installations are easy accessible through revisions on top of suspended service spine system. It can be fitted with variety of media supply options, such as laboratory angle taps with or without quick release couplings.

There are several advantages of a modular service spine system, that economize your present and future costs, such as:

  • Planning of your laboratory interior is a lot easier with a complete list of parts, original LAB INTERIOR library and with a wide range of available accessories.
  • An installation concept makes it simpler for your installation planner and installation team.
  • Closed service spine system hides all exposed installations and works as a wall backsplash cover at the same time.
  • Installations are always at your hand and do not take room on the worktop area and the full depth of worktop can be used.
  • Any future changes in configuration are easier to make via independent modular system.
  • Any possible installation faults are easier to access and to repair.
  • Regular safety checks and maintenance work is more reliable and easier to do.
  • Upgrades of a system are easy to perform trough a list of several components and accessories.

Decision for a LAB INTERIOR modular service spine system is a decision for technology and design that go together hand in hand. A range of available options covers all situations that can occur in your laboratory. Main philosophy behind it is a complete independence of architecture and of other furniture.

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