Fume hoods

Fume hoods are a central part of each laboratory. They contribute significantly to the safety in the laboratory working environment.

All work with hazardous vaporous chemical substances is isolated in fume hood interior and fumes are safely exhausted. Development in laboratory furniture was significant in the past years and the criteria for safe handling of hazardous materials have been improved. As a consequence a fume hood, vital part of laboratory has been going trough many technical changes. Many of them were directly inflicted by the strict rules of European norms, especially EN 14175.

Our products fulfill all requirements of the European norms, even more, with dedication to improvement we managed to develop a fume hoods lines, that exceed the criteria of EN 14175.

Our advising team stand at your disposal to give you full support how to implement fume hoods into your laboratory, to fully fit your installation scheme and construction plans.

Maximized interior dimensions enable you to take the full advantage of your fume hood interior. A wide range of interior linings are available as an answer for all laboratory fume hood working conditions.

Available additional equipment:

  • Motorized sash with IR sensor for automatic closure
  • VAV (variable airflow volume) system
  • Ex proof lighting
  • Electric and other media factory installed outlets upon request
  • Acid/Alkali underbench ventilated storage cabinets
  • Underbench safety cabinets for flammables
  • Polycarbonate sash
  • Exhaust air scrubber (for special purpose fume hoods)

Main technical construction characteristics of LAB INTERIOR fume hoods:

  • double wall construction with vertical installation columns above worktop and with horizontal installation column below worktop, giving you a free choice for positioning your installations
  • aerodynamic profile in front of the worktop area, forming a smooth airflow to avoid air turbulences
  • baffles mounted at the back panel for easier exhaust of heavy fumes
  • sash opening limit, according EN 14175 and smooth moving
  • integrated safety airflow monitoring mechanism, according EN 14175
  • variety of installation options with easy add-ons
  • easy mounting and dismounting system

There are two main fume hoods systems available:

  • Bench mounted type fume hoods
  • Low ceiling bench mounted type fume hoods with telescopic sash


Low ceiling fume hood

1800 x 2400 x 950 mm
Product is also available:
L.FHS.120.XXXX.240 1200 x 2400 x 950 mm
L.FHS.150.XXXX.240 1500 x 2400 x 950 mm
L.FHS.180.XXXX.240 1800 x 2400 x 950 mm
L.FHS.210.XXXX.240 2100 x 2400 x 950 mm
Technical specifications
Standard sashSash in single piece, safety glass.
Standard worktop typeCeramic
Standard interior cabin liningMelamine
Standard control panelFAZ according EN 14175
OptionService supply upon request. Interior cabin lining upon request (polypropilene, ceramic, stainless steel, phenolic laminate). Combination sash with vertical and horizontal movement upon request. Other type of worktops upon request. VAV system upon request.
Air exhausts spigotNW252

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