Customer reviews

2014 Hygienicum, one of the leading private food laboratories in Austria, built totally new laboratory facilities. We chose your company as a partner in planning and establishing our laboratory. The performance in planning as well as in building a laboratory was, in all respects, outstanding regarding the price, competence, service and time schedule. We are grateful for this partnership, which was one of the most important elements in our successful new building history.
Hygienicum, Institut für Mikrobiologie & Hygiene-Consulting GmbH
Dr. Michael Stelz, CEO
You have been our business partner for many years. Professionalism, quality, quick response and willingness to help are the features of your team.
Psychiatric hospital Ormož
Jadranka Laura, B.Sc. Lab Biomedicine Engineer, Head of Laboratory
I am very pleased with the current co-operation with your company. You have very skilful staff that is highly responsive and professional. Your products meet all my expectations.
Pivka Inc., Pivka
Nataša Štefič, Quality Manager
We chose your company based on your long-term experience and recommendations. In particular, we chose you because of your high-level professionalism. Now that the laboratory is finished, we are sure that we made the right choice, even more so because your ideas and proposals have made our laboratory better than we imagined. The cooperation with your company has brought us more than we expected.
Atotech Slovenia
Dr. Marijana Rebernik, CEO
Under the preparation and implementation phases, your company demonstrates that you are excellent experts, ready to listen to a customer's needs, flexible and capable of finding an optimal solution in any situation. Now that the laboratory is functional, I can say that we are very satisfied and that, thanks to your company, our laboratory is even better than our initial idea. We got more than expected from the cooperation. You are an exemplary business partner, recommended for everybody.
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Borut Božič, The Dean
Sincerely thanks for your effort, commitment and fruitful collaboration.
Private Physiotherapy Fizikal, Destrnik
Sdki Hussain
We are pleased with your work. Your services are always carried out quickly and on time. We have no comment on quality.
Snaga Ltd., Ljubljana
Lidija Čepon, Msc.
The laboratory furniture is great! Your specialist staff is friendly, helpful and always available.
Pečjak Bakery, Trzin
Mojca Gostenčnik
We were very pleased to work with your company, because you have quick response times, you are flexible and listen to our needs.
Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana, Institute of Anatomy
Nataša Pollak Kristl
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